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To project or not to project? That is the question

How many times do you hear the word “project” without really stopping to think about what it means and whether it is something you want to invest time in?  Here’s 3 brief thoughts about just when, exactly, is a piece of work a project? When is a piece of work a “project”? Picture the scene: […]

Shiny and new

Picture the scene – you’ve just picked up a shiny new project.  No work has been done on it yet and it’s yours to nurture and bring to life.  Excited?  Or now in panic mode? Here’s my birds-eye view of the first 4 weeks of managing a new project. Week 0 Before you get there […]

Taking over where someone left off

Sometimes we consultants get handed a shiny new programme or project to deliver from scratch and sometimes – we don’t. This one is pertinent to my current situation as I will be starting with a new client next week. The previous Programme Manager has already delivered plenty and now I’m picking up where they have […]

Why the “Butterfly” approach to Transformation seldom works…

How about the shopaholic’s dream of looking round everywhere, checking out all the plate glass windows? A “Do I look fat in this” dream (or nightmare, depending on your perspective) – never actually finding what you want. That’s what the ineffective Transformation Manager brings to the party. Fact: The average lifespan of a butterfly is […]

Success is a journey, not a destination…

How often do we embark on a “project” with clear ideas on what the final outcome will be only to stumble when the going gets a little tough? Or perhaps we don’t know what we want yet but we sure will when we get there? The worst designed Change Programmes are a bit like that. […]

Time flies when you’re having fun

I hadn’t remembered I had an anniversary on14th February until a message from a contact on LinkedIn reminded me: it’s 11 years since I incorporated Cadenza Business Solutions.  In that time there have inevitably been ups and downs: delivering the accounting and finance solutions on the Barclays (as it was) Cycle Scheme (aka Boris’ Bikes) […]

Hello, new Project!

Are you a project manager already?  Do you often wonder where to start when embarking on a new piece of work? Whether you’ve been offering this service for decades, or weeks, at Cadenza we believe there’s always an opportunity to hone those skills further so this week’s blog looks at 3 areas of concentration when […]