Hello, new Project!

Are you a project manager already?  Do you often wonder where to start when embarking on a new piece of work?

Whether you’ve been offering this service for decades, or weeks, at Cadenza we believe there’s always an opportunity to hone those skills further so this week’s blog looks at 3 areas of concentration when we’re starting anew.

Who is my main Stakeholder?

Your answer to this question will often depend on how you were introduced to your client.  It’s possible you will have had several meetings with them already prior starting with them, or you may have not met the stakeholder at all yet.  Either way, it’s best to be safe and sure on this one.

Before you go to see the client on the first day, contact them and ask for a list of key names, the role they cover every day, and what they want from the project.  Also ask whether it’s possible to have a 30-minute induction with each of them.  This request should give insight into potential Project Board members and key “movers and shakers”.

What does my “team” look like?

Sometimes the better question is “Have I got anyone to help me do this?” It’s not necessary to ask this before you start, but as a bit of pre-project preparation the ideal stance is to write down the project roles to which you would like to assign a name.  If you also document their preferred behaviours for your success it will help you build risk profiles more quickly.

What exactly does my client want?

Now, there’s the rub! Some clients know exactly what they want, but many don’t which is, of course, why you are there! If you jot down the information you gleaned at the interview/meeting stage(s) then you can play this back to your Senior Stakeholder* so that you can both agree on what he expects from you.

THIS is the most important factor of all.  You’re there to deliver what your client believes they want.  There may be many changes along the way, but never lose sight of that first client requirement that brought you there in the first place!

Interested in learning more?  Contact enquiries@cadenza-biz.com to see how Cadenza can work with you to create better, successful projects.

*The person who wants this piece of work done – also known as Project Sponsor, Project Executive and other titles