Time flies when you’re having fun

I hadn’t remembered I had an anniversary on14th February until a message from a contact on LinkedIn reminded me: it’s 11 years since I incorporated Cadenza Business Solutions. 

In that time there have inevitably been ups and downs: delivering the accounting and finance solutions on the Barclays (as it was) Cycle Scheme (aka Boris’ Bikes) was a definite highlight, whilst the overnight disappearance of Cadenza’s pipeline following the results of the EU referendum was the Company’s lowest point yet.

I’ve learned many lessons along the way – some of which are below:

1.    Smile at every opportunity: it really does open doors for you. By nature I’m a very positive person, always quick to smile and laugh.  Yes I have quiet moments but running my own, successful business is rather fun!

2.    Never shy away from sharing knowledge: when I first started out I kept my knowledge close to my chest for fear of it being diluted. I believed knowledge was power. After a little time I realised that sharing knowledge and experiences is powerful and that it is the best way to learn and grow your network

3.    You only need enough work to come along at the time you need it. Sure, it’s great to be in demand but your business can only grow if you can fulfil all the requirements placed on it

4.    No client ever wants all your knowledge at one time. Cadenza’s consultants fill a need: we are there simply because our client does not hold people with the particular skills it needs for that piece of work at that particular time. Don’t be disheartened if clients don’t want all your expertise at once

5.    Finding work for your business is tough so you need to network, post blogs, be seen, use your social media and your personality all the time. I confess I’m still learning this one!!

I’m looking forward to the next 11 years!